Meet Susan.

Susan is a champion of the idea that sound knowledge management is a vital part of any thriving business. That’s why, when she first began working at C&W Services as our Director of Quality Management, she was determined to improve how employees shared information across our 600-plus client sites.

“There were multiple legacy repositories for distributing information and a lack of control over what was published,” she says. “Our operators need to be able to operate. They need to have easy access to our best practices and can’t waste time searching for or re-inventing what they need.”

In response to this problem, Susan began building the FS KnowledgeHUB—affectionally known throughout the organization as “KHUB.” KHUB is an online source for easy access to our technical libraries and corporate support resources and standards. This powerful tool is helpful to our employees and our functional support teams as it allows for both a push and pull of information that leads to continuous improvement of our standards and best practices. It also lets our clients know that C&W Services is adhering to a high standard and delivering service that is consistently efficient and safe.

Susan helps people within facility management

Continued benefit.

Yet, Susan is not satisfied.

“The tool is only good if we keep it updated and relevant,” she says. “We need to find new ways to share information and improve the user experience.”

Her goal is to make KHUB even more accessible and fun to use. “Wouldn’t it be great if an employee could shoot a short video of a solution on their phone, send it over, and see it posted as an improved practice in a few days’ time?”

Susan’s streamlined, unified approach to employee communication not just increases productivity but also enables our sites to have the knowledge to operate consistently, effectively, and safely.

Recognized by the team.

As a testament to Susan’s innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, she was awarded the Chief Executive’s Award for Outstanding Performance. And while she is very honored by the award, she also recognizes that “it is truly a team award” and that KHUB is a success due to the help of her forward-thinking peers.

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Susan is one of many stories we have from the field that demonstrate how our team’s culture is the backbone of our service delivery success.

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