Recognizing outstanding work through the organization.

The Chief Executive Awards recognize individuals or teams throughout C&W Services that create truly exceptional experiences for our clients and employees, and that contribute significantly to our strategic goals. In 2017, those goals related to revenue growth, client retention, performance and innovation, people, and brand.

This year’s winners were selected from a very impressive and competitive field, consisting of over 30 nominations. We’re proud to present the winners of the 2017 Chief Executive Awards.

Operational Improvement Team at AMZ — Steve Sloane, Chris Johnson, Brandon Preston, Josh Rexwinkle, Chad Rapsky, Darel Cantrell, Dave Auton, Edwin Enriquez, Ali Mohammed, Anita Lillibridge, Tom Schelling, Bob Doherty, Julie Spencer, Yin Yin Ma, Jim Newton, and Kendall Waldock.
In order to improve our operational integrity and as a way to demonstrate our commitment to support Amazon’s demands for equipment reliability, we assembled a team of subject matter experts to tackle these issues. This team, referred to as the Amazon Operational Improvement Team, analyzed, researched, and developed an end-to-end operational excellence process. This process included a suite of standardized asset management and equipment reliability engineering practices designed to enhance safety, service quality, operational reliability, and technician productivity.

The team deployed this process across 13 different sites, and they included technical training, inventory control, 5S organization, and a robust system of “health checks’ to ensure adequacy and sustainability of the approach.

Kyle Carvahlo, Control Systems Lead, Amazon BOS7
Demonstrating expert initiative and technical prowess, Kyle identified anti-gridlock (AGL) inefficiencies that were causing capacity reductions. He then led his team through root cause analysis and engineered a solution that greatly reduced capacity reductions going forward.

Additionally, he used exceptional RCA skills to resolve significant timing inconsistencies that were causing delays, jams, and overall reductions in facility capacity. During that same period, he led his team to resolve material waste issues, which received high praise from Amazon engineering. As a result of Kyle’s efforts, BOS7 increased performance and set three network records in 2017.

Milagros Diaz, Director of Operations, East Region
Milagros’ continued efforts to retain, grow, and increase margins and to improve our overall business in Florida is unmatched. She has been the pillar of Miami International Airport since she began working there as General Manager in 2007.

She is also always looking for new ways to add business to her accounts, and she makes time to assist her teams with site surveys, price development, operating plans for proposals, and potential client meetings. She is an absolute joy to work with, and makes sure to follow through on her commitments.

Ray Tyczki, Director of Operations, Central Region, Union Pacific Railroad
Under Ray Tyczki’s leadership, the Union Pacific Railroad account has become a model for future work, assuring not only retention but significant expansion. Ray has built client loyalty with UPRR by being consistent, safety-conscious, and by delivering innovations that saved the client both time and money.

He’s also made an example of promoting from within, and he’s given multiple employees the opportunity to move up and excel. He also provides strong leadership and insights on topics like equipment optimization, safety protocols, time management, and staff development.

Holly Borrego, Senior Director of Cleaning Services
Since Holly joined C&W Services the quality and level of innovation present in our cleaning service offerings has quantifiably improved. In the past year, Holly was instrumental in developing solutions that helped us win SeaTac airport. At Logan International Airport, she spearheaded the introduction of innovative solutions like remote monitoring sensors and cleaning robots. And at Toyota, she worked closely with the client to implement a day cleaning program, improving both cost and quality.

Sharon Meaney, Director, Transitions and Transformation, Human Resources
This year Sharon stepped into a new role and, in a very short amount of time, successfully managed three major transitions—Amazon, AECOM, and SeaTac. Even more impressive, these transitions were all happening at the same time.

Sharon also worked on a number of projects that supported efficiency improvements. One of these improvements involved creating an approval system that helped C&W Services get increased visibility and control around some key practices.

Building a culture of excellence.

We’d once again like to congratulate all of the winners of this year’s Chief Executive Awards.

We pride ourselves on delivering a broad portfolio of services, developing and empowering our people, and defining a new status quo.

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