The future of facility maintenance technicians.

The Future of Facility Maintenance Technicians: Digital Information, Augmented Reality and Remote Support
Written by Ali Mohammed, Senior Director, Reliability Engineering

Over the last few decades, significant technological advancements have improved equipment condition monitoring. The increased local and remote condition monitoring capabilities, in addition to building monitoring and automation systems in the areas of alarm monitoring, vibration analysis and diagnostics, lubricant analysis, ultrasonic and infrared monitoring, have provided organizations with significant cost savings and many reliability improvement opportunities.

Although the innovations in the monitoring capabilities have yielded very positive results, maintenance leaders have also been striving to advance the support provided to maintenance technicians. The goal of maintenance leaders is to deliver maintenance and repairs of facilities infrastructure and equipment effectively and efficiently.

There are three areas where efforts are likely to be focused by organizations to support maintenance technicians in the future; facility digitization and digital twins, augmented reality and remote support. Ali Mohammed, Senior Director of Reliability Engineering, delves into these three areas in greater detail to understand where we are and what the future looks like for facility maintenance technicians.

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