A summary of safe work practices.

Following up on Part 1 of this series, we’ve compiled a list of work practices that will help minimize the potential dangers that come from working with electrical tools.

Generally, remember that every circuit encountered should be considered live until proven otherwise by a “Qualified Electrical Worker.” The Qualified Electrical Worker will use proper tools to test electrical circuits, and will make sure that no wire is touched until the circuit in question has been locked out/tagged out and labeled dead.

Extension Cords.

When it comes to extension cords, it’s vital that all cords on a site be three-pronged, in good working order, and be free of any nicks, cuts, or damage. If an extension cord is damaged, it should be tagged and taken out or removed from service until it has been repaired and retested. Any extension cord that does not have a grounding pin needs to be removed from service and not used.

Also, extension cords should not be used in place of fixed wiring; they should not be run through holes in walls, ceilings, or floors; and they should not be attached to the surface of any building.

Additionally, no extension cord on a site should be “flat wire,” the type you may see in home use. Each cord needs to have each individual wire insulated and protected by an outside cover.

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Power Tools & Cords.

In order to use power tools safely on a site, it’s important that you keep the following information in mind: never use any cord that has been cut in a way that exposes insulation. If you ever encounter such a cord, remove it from service immediately and have it replaced.

Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs).

It’s vital that each 120-volt electrical wall receptacle providing power at a site be protected by a GFCI. GFCIs should be located in line as close to the piece of equipment as possible.

Creating a culture of safety.

At C&W Services we’re committed to establishing a culture of safety and excellence at all of our client sites.

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