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The Top Issues Facilities Leaders Need to Be Thinking About in Higher Education
Interview with Brian Reyes

As the return to work and school continues to make headway, facilities leaders need to consider some challenges that higher education institutions face today. Brian Reyes, Senior Vice President of Higher Education, says there are two sides to tackle in identifying these issues today: retention and recruitment.

“The biggest issue facing facilities leaders today is how to move beyond the pandemic,” Reyes says. “There were already structural shifts in higher education before COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated these. It has increased the speed and magnitude to reshape the industry.”

In contrast to traditional online and job site advertising, C&W Services is changing the way it competes for attracting talent. Reyes proposes a more competitive approach beyond pay and compensation packages to address staffing and labor issues. While incentives are helpful, engaging with employees and giving specialized attention is important. However, many institutions are now reconsidering their budgets and resetting compensation to the right level.

The full article published by the Higher Education Facilities Forum, provides additional information regarding challenges, solutions, and what facilities leaders should consider in the future, can be found here.

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