David Pinkston joined C&W Services in August 2016 as a director of business development. His responsibilities include growing the corporations and private education market in Texas, Oklahoma and the Southeast. Previously, he worked for ISS Facility Services as vice president of business development for North America.

To get to know more about David and his career, we asked him a number of questions. Herewith, a look into his path to C&W Services.

1. How did you hear about C&W Services, and what did you know about us when you began to consider joining the company? I was contacted by a recruiter. I was well aware of C&W Services as a competitor through my position as vice president of business development for ISS Facility Services.

2. What got you excited about C&W Services? C&W Services is positioned well in the facilities services industry to have a significant impact on the FM market. C&W Services offers its clients a unique value proposition that few in the industry can offer with a wide range of self-performed facility services. The company is further unique in that it has the capability to offer real estate services that most other firms do not.

About the role? I was offered a position with C&W Services to help develop and implement successful processes for our business development staff. I was very excited to be able to have the opportunity to work with a group that is focused on our clients” needs and achieving their FM goals.

3. How did C&W Services seem different and better than other firms you’ve been with or considered? C&W Services has several advantages that make the business solutions we provide more valuable to our clients. A major advantage is that the operational team from the vice presidents of operations down to the frontline staff are dedicated to their customers and are proactive and technically knowledgeable.

4. Now that you’re here, what would you say to persuade a recruit to join C&W Services? The team I work with has a can-do spirit and sincerely want to be the best. As an employee, you are rewarded for your efforts from leadership and peers, and you are supported by a great administrative group.