Linda Keefe joined C&W Services in early May as the vice president of strategic partnerships. Based in Arizona, she is responsible for managing customer relationships and will work closely with our operations business development teams. Previously, she worked as a sales executive for Sodexo and held a number of positions at ISS, GMI Facility Solutions and Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

1. How did you hear about C&W Services, and what did you know about us when you started to consider joining the company?

I know and respect other industry professionals who were part of the DTZ organization and heard quickly about the merger with Cushman & Wakefield. I was intrigued by the ability of a leading real estate services organization to self-deliver facility management solutions.

2. What got you excited about C&W Services? About the role?

I believed that the ability to provide services with our own employees offered distinct quality and efficiency advantages to our clients. And after doing additional research, I quickly learned about C&W Services commitment to our employees and passion to drive innovation in facilities management.

I was immediately drawn to the role within the strategic partnerships program, which focuses on client relationships. In that role, I have the opportunity to build on our strong relationships and engage with clients as a true business partner. Through a deeper connection to their strategic vision and organization goals, C&W Services can create a sustainable and competitive advantage aligned to our clients” long term success. This is an exciting and unique opportunity within our industry!

3. How did C&W Services seem different and better than other firms you’ve been with or considered?

As organizations are going through enormous changes in the workplace, the need for thought-provoking and insightful service partners is greater than ever before. Paul Bedborough and the C&W Services leadership team are bringing a transformational culture to facility management that drives innovation and creates community. Investments in programs supporting strategic partnerships, quality standards, collaboration and innovation, technical expertise and operational analytics are examples of the initiatives that offer strategic value to our clients. This rich culture of empowerment, invention and commitment to our employees” well-being is distinctive.

4. Now that you’re here, what would you say to persuade a recruit to join C&W Services?

I would tell other recruits to talk to C&W Services employees—listen to their journey and learn what they value about this culture. If you are driven by a collaborative atmosphere, an extreme focus on the external customer and bringing strategic value to our partnerships, this may be the place for you!