Mike Losier joined C&W Services as director of business development for the Northeast North region in March 2017, after taking a quick three-year hiatus from the company. Based in Boston, his main responsibilities include business development activities in the education sector and corporate account development. Previously, he worked for Allied Universal Security as business development manager.

1. How did you hear about C&W Services, and what did you know about us when you started to consider joining the company?

I actually began my career in the facilities services industry with UNICCO (now C&W Services) back in 2001 and held various positions in operations through 2013. Since my departure, I have kept in close contact with many of my former colleagues and have always had great respect for the way C&W Services operates and continues to be the leader in the facilities services industry.

2. What got you excited about C&W Services? About the role?

It was really the people that excited me most when considering returning to C&W Services. I worked with so many great people during my time with the company, and those same people are still here. Over the past year or so, I had numerous discussions with Bill Romine, vice president of business development, about the direction of the company and my role as director of business development. With each conversation, my excitement level continued to grow! Having “grown up” with C&W Services in operations, I was eager to utilize the business development experience I gained in the past three years to make an immediate impact in our business growth efforts.

3. How did C&W Services seem different and better than other firms you’ve been with or considered?

I’ve been very lucky to only have worked for two companies in my career, and I’ve had great experiences with both. I honestly wasn’t looking for another opportunity when discussions began with Bill and the team. C&W Services” market presence, leadership and commitment to growth were really the driving factors in my deciding to return.

4. Now that you’re here, what would you say to persuade a recruit to join C&W Services?

Get over here! Anyone in this industry knows that working in facilities can be very challenging. It really takes a unified team effort to deliver each and every day. The combination of providing the best service to our clients while also fostering personal growth and development make C&W Services a special place to be!