Scott Conover joined C&W Services in February 2017 as a director of business development for the Northeast-South region. Based in Connecticut, his main responsibilities include business development activities. Previously, Scott worked as a business development representative for TruGreen in Connecticut.

1. How did you hear about C&W Services, and what did you know about us when you started to consider joining the company?
I received a call from a recruiter who sought me out from my LinkedIn profile. She indicated that my background and experience very closely matched with what the C&W Services team was looking for in the director of business development position. At the time, I was not familiar with C&W Services but did have some experience with Cushman & Wakefield, having worked with them on an account with my previous employer. As it turned out, the account I had worked on with Cushman and Wakefield is the same account that C&W Services was involved with. The recruiter was excellent and made the recruitment process a very favorable experience!

2. What got you excited about C&W Services? About the role?
In reading the job description for this position, I felt that my background and sales experience very closely mirrored the work that I would be doing for C&W Services. I was fortunate to have worked for some great companies throughout my career and was eager to share my sales experience with Bill Romine, the vice president of business development for C&W Services. Bill and I seemed to relate to each other on our first telephone interview and, subsequently, when we met in person. He also confirmed that my prior experience in project management, construction services, MEP engineering, and grounds and landscaping were characteristics that he was looking for in the candidate that he was selecting for in this position. At that point, I felt that my chances of being hired were strong.

3. How did C&W Services seem different and better than other firms you’ve been with or considered?
Coincidentally, I was being recruited by another company just prior to my discussions with C&W Services for a similar director of sales position with a non-competing firm who happened to make me an offer, but without hesitation I accepted the offer with C&W Services. The entire management team (both sales and operations) really embraced the director of business development position. During the interview process, I met with the operations manager who I would be working with in the Connecticut office, and he expressed the importance of my position and welcomed me to the team. I’ve experienced that same feeling with all the staff I’ve interfaced with during the onboarding process.

4. Now that you’re here, what would you say to persuade a recruit to join C&W Services?
I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff at C&W Services. Everyone I’ve met with has been extremely helpful in assisting me as I settle into my position. During the last couple months, I’ve also met with several of our customers, and they too have confirmed that the services they are receiving from C&W Services are outstanding! I would make a recommendation to anyone who is considering an employment opportunity with C&W Services.