Daniel Taylor joined C&W Services on March 20, 2017 as vice president of business development for life sciences. Based in Indianapolis, he is responsible for executing growth strategies for our life sciences business.

1. How did you hear about C&W Services, and what did you know about us when you started to consider joining the company?

I knew about C&W Services from conducting business with the local Cushman & Wakefield office on design and construction projects. I didn’t know the breadth of FM services provided, however, until I was contacted by a recruiter. After researching the firm and several months of due diligence by C&W Services and myself, I joined in late March of 2017.

2. What got you excited about C&W Services? About the role?

C&W Services has a strong brand, which caught my attention. The scale at which they can provide services enticed me, but the real hook was the life sciences focus. I spent several years focusing on large capital projects within the pharmaceutical, bio med, agriculture and bio tech industries. I wanted to get back to servicing the firms that aid in healing the sick and feeding the world, and this position did exactly that.

3. How did C&W Services seem different and better than other firms you’ve been with or considered?

It’s all about the scale, reach and flexibility of services we provide. There’s not much we can’t do as it relates to facilities management in the US and Canada.

4. Now that you’re here, what would you say to persuade a recruit to join C&W Services?

If you want to work for a firm that has global scale with a local feel, join C&W Services.