By Marc Wendell
Vice President – Health, Safety, Security and Environment

How can you maintain safety?

For our clients in higher education, safety plays a critical role on campus every day. However, the following questions we ask our higher education clients can also apply to any facilities management companies charged with maintaining a safe and comfortable interior and exterior environment.

Know the right questions.
  • Is your campus or property free of areas that are not sufficiently lighted at night?
  • Does your campus have overgrown shrubbery, plants and trees that provide spaces where someone could hide?
  • Are your sidewalks and entrances in disrepair with uneven surfaces and trip hazards?
  • Are you compliant with federal, state and local regulatory requirements?
  • Are your facilities management employees fully trained in proper safety techniques and awareness?
  • Are your facilities management employees properly equipped with safety gear?
  • Do prospective students and their parents (or prospective employees) walk away from campus feeling confident that you’re providing a safe environment that is conducive to learning and living?
Trust us at C&W Services.

As a trusted advisor, we want to provoke thought. We hope none of these are issues for you and your campus, but if you answered no to any of the above questions we need to talk. It’s time to make a change, and C&W Services can help.