For very few, facilities services was the industry that spoke to them most—it was the logical choice for their career path. But for the majority of the maintenance staff, engineers, custodians, facility managers and others that make up the industry, facilities services seemed to fall into their lap.

A survey conducted by C&W Services at IFMA World Workplace 2016 found that only 18 percent of professionals deliberately pursued a career in facilities services. But whether it was their career of choice, or something they fell into, a majority of them are pleased with their decision—69 percent of participants responded that they are very satisfied by the opportunities they have as part of the industry.

Jim’s story.

Jim, a facilities manager at Gillette Stadium, was one of those that didn’t deliberately pursue a career in FM. He started out in carpentry, but became an electrician, eventually evolving into a facility manager—all because he decided working in the winter was not for him. Jim is just one of those who relishes the opportunities and changes his career affords him.

“My job is constantly changing and evolving,” he says. “Every day I learn something new.”

Roody’s story.

There was no question that Roody would end up in facilities services. He always took it upon himself to fix things around the house that were broken or simply not up to date. After attending technical school, he eventually made his way to C&W Services as an HVAC technician in Boston. His passion for his job is contagious.

“It’s exciting to come to work every morning to know you’re part of something that the whole world knows about,” he says. “Every day gives me a reason to come in and do my best.”

Celebrating World FM Day

Our employees are the cornerstone of who we are. As such, every year, we celebrate World FM Day to reflect on the many ways they impact our company, teams and clients. All week, we will have posts and emails about the people within our organization and how they’re leading the way for a stronger industry. To celebrate with us, read some of their stories and learn how we bring service excellence to our facilities across the country from Canada and California to Massachusetts and Texas.

Interested in the facilities services industry?

If Jim and Roody’s stories, and the myriad others within C&W Services, interest you, join our talent network. We’re always seeking out dedicated and talented people to work in our facilities across North America. You can view current job openings or stay in touch with our team to be notified when new opportunities become available near you. Who knows? You might just be the next Roody and Jim.