C&W Services provides janitorial services at a confidential Health Insurance Client of Cushman & Wakefield’s, located in Louisville, KY. This headquarter facility houses more than 1,500 employees on 27 floors. When COVID-19 was first reported, several employees were unable to perform their duties at home, requiring a clean and healthy environment.

C&W Services COVID-19 Case Study


At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our client identified an employee with a positive test result, creating concern for personnel who were unable to perform their duties from home. The positive employee had not been in the building for 7-days, which reduced the threat of exposure, but still caused concern. The client needed to ensure the facility was clean and safe of potential contaminants.


Our “One Team” approach, collaborating with Cushman & Wakefield allowed C&W Services’ team to mobilize quickly. Both the Dedicated C&W Services Account Manager and National Account Safety Manager reviewed the recommended course of action through the CDC, as well as worked closely with our supplier partners to determine the best course of action in preventing the spread, ensuring a safe environment for all staff that continue to work on-site.

C&W Services deployed an updated standard operating procedure (SOP) that increased cleaning frequencies, ensuring high touch points are continuously disinfected throughout the workday with recommended disinfectants.

The new cleaning SOP is validated through ongoing Quality Assurance Inspections, as well as a new innovation, recently implemented, ATP swab analysis testing to ensure our procedures are effective.

A laboratory with a lot of equipment in it.


  • With C&W Services and Cushman & Wakefield under the same ownership, our safety, policies and procedures were aligned allowing for quick mobilization for the client.
  • Quality Assurance Inspections continue to take place with the addition of ATP swab analysis testing to verify the effectiveness of our cleaning processes.
  • Our “One Team” approach has created value through our broad enterprise service offerings, eliminating the need to outsource additional provisions.
  • The client’s doors remain open with peace of mind that their staff are entering a clean and contaminant free building.


  • Location: Louisville, KY

  • Size: 494,450 square feet

  • Team: 380 C&W Services employees

  • Services: Janitorial, Account Management, Integrated Facilities Management, Project & Development Services, Space Planning & Occupancy, Portfolio Administration, Transaction Management, Workplace Experience