In 2017, 46.9 million people passed through Sea-Tac, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years. So, when we started providing janitorial to two zones at the airport, we wanted to ensure that every person had a pleasant, safe, and hygienic experience.

Seattle-Tacoma Terminal


To accomplish that goal, we invested in both new technology and our team. We now have a number of self-driving floor scrubbers at the site, and we launched an extensive training program to help our team stay up to date on the latest best practices.


  • Since taking over the site, we have achieved APPA Level 2 standard. Additionally, we have improved our safety operations, ending 2018 with a rating of 1.1 TRIR.
  • We’re the first airport in North America with self-driving floor scrubbers. We also installed sensors in the restrooms that alert us when supplies are running low. This has saved money, cut down on waste, and increased customer satisfaction—as supplies are never replaced unnecessarily, and restrooms are never without supplies.
  • Surpassed our and Sea-Tac’s joint goal of using 90% green products. In 2018, we used 97.65% green products.


We believe that our team’s culture is the backbone of our service delivery success, and we pride ourselves on developing and empowering our people. Learn about how the team at Sea-Tac is going above and beyond each and every day.

  • Learn more about our fleet of six-self-driving floor scrubbers and how they’re helping us drive efficiency.
  • Frank, an Army veteran, is building a great team at Sea-Tac, and they’ve already seen some amazing results.
  • After nearly two decades working in environmental services at a leading hospital, Jenny now helps Frank manage our team at Sea-Tac. Learn more about Jenny and Frank’s partnership, and how they work together to achieve excellence.


  • Location: Seattle, Washington

  • Region: Pacific

  • Size: 1.1 million square feet

  • Team: 114 C&W Services employees across two zones 114 team members

  • Services: Janitorial