This facility is part of the growing life sciences segment of a Fortune 500 company and is their “show site” for the industry. Their key focus is the manufacturing of Life Science-related products. The facility has major utility and operational components for laboratory, manufacturing and packaging of oral solid dose and sterile product lines.

Two C&W Services employees inspect the floor at Toyota.


C&W Services is helping transform maintenance service delivery at a major pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in North Carolina. The site runs 24/7, producing oral solid dose drugs and injectables.


  • Outsourcing enabled a cultural change from reacting to failures to a more proactive approach of prediction and prevention.
  • Implemented Condition Based Maintenance practices including Lean, Operator Driven Reliability, real-time wireless predictive measurements for PdM, optimized PM and electronic
  • Oversaw weekly performance metrics of system uptime/failure performance and maintenance productivity.


  • Improved equipment reliability: As the program was implemented, over 30 major operational problems were found and corrected, preventing unplanned maintenance in the first two months. This was a PdM win for improved production.
  • The wireless PdM program monitors most primary utility components and systems with visible display to plant employees.
  • Expanded to production and quality support
  • Downtime was reduced, reactive failure work dropped to 9% from 29%.
  • Training on the new PdM sensor operations drove employee engagement and reinforced the cultural shift to proactive Condition Based Maintenance.
  • Maintenance intervals were doubled on monitored
  • Energy savings included reduced stream and condensate loss and more efficient equipment operation.


We believe that our team’s culture is the backbone of our service delivery success, and we pride ourselves on developing and empowering our people. Learn about how the team supporting this client is going above and beyond each and every day.

  • There’s no such thing as a shortcut, according to Michael, the operations direct overseeing this site. In the facilities services industry, this is especially critical—organization and cognizance are key to ensuring safety across sites.


  • Location: North Carolina

  • Size: 1.5 million square feet

  • Team: 90 C&W Services Employees

  • Services: Janitorial; Office Services; Landscaping