Chevon now manages facilities for a global professional services company.Fascinating career growth in the facilities services industry.

When Chevon was studying for her BA in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Missouri, she knew she wanted to one day be the type of leader that had a wide range of experience. “I couldn’t stand the idea of giving orders to a maintenance team, for example, without ever doing maintenance work myself. I never wanted my employees to think I was above them. I wanted them to know that I could do the work.”

So, upon graduating, she accepted a role as the general manager of a Red Roof Inn. The job gave her the type of experience she was looking for, as she got to handle everything from landscaping to contracts to electrical to plumbing. “I learned a lot about facilities while in that role,” she says. “There were constant maintenance requests. We went through a big renovation at the hotel while I managed it.”

After eight years at Red Roof Inn, Chevon wanted to gain more experience in customer service, and so she jumped over to Lowe’s, working as an assistant store manager. She worked there for two years before seeing an ad for an operations management role here at C&W Services. The role, which supported a global professional services company, required facilities knowledge as well as customer service skills—the exact combination Chevon had spent the last decade developing. She applied and, not long after, was hired. She’s now been in that role for about three years and has continued to grow and take on new responsibilities.

“Upon starting the job, I wanted to learn every aspect of the industry,” she says. “And C&W Services was very supportive of that goal. I got to learn from tons of subject matter experts, and now I’m a subject matter expert on topics like procurement and mail services. Access to that kind of knowledge has been vital to me being able to support a global client.”

Chevon got to put all of her knowledge to use when she was overseeing the opening of a brand new client site in Montana. The opening required the C&W Services team to solve a number of maintenance issues and, after the site opened, Chevon and her team received a major compliment from the client.

“It was amazing to be recognized for the work my team and I accomplished. I’m all about supporting my staff and helping them succeed, so it was fulfilling to learn that my effort was leading to positive results.

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