Albert, a C&W Services employee, recently celebrated becoming a Fellow Grade of Membership through AEE.

Regardless of where you live, climate change is a problem—and it’s a hot-button (no pun intended) issue across the news.

Energy engineers play a role in helping educate and innovate for climate change issues, creating solutions to solve global warming- and energy-related issues.

One way to stay relevant in energy engineering is obtaining certifications and furthering your education—just like in any other industry. One C&W Services employee, Albert, facilities director, FM solutions and support, HUB in Canada, did just that, obtaining the Fellow Grade of Membership through the Association of Energy Engineers.

“I was pleased to be recognized as a leader in energy management, as it’s always been a passion of mine to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and exhibit a positive change to society,” he says.

The importance of continued education.

AEE awards Fellow Grade of Membership to those members who have been in good standing for the past 10 consecutive years and are either in the AEE Hall of Fame; are an AEE International Award Winner in one of a number of categories; or are an AEE Legend in Energy.

Applicants must complete a written statement that features significant industry contributions such as books authored, patents granted, awards received or other individual accomplishments. An application and application fee also must be filled out.

“I know that to be competitive in business, we can never stop learning and being the best version of what you do for a living, in my case, engineering cost-effective solutions,” he says. “One of my favorite sayings is, “if you’re not learning, you’re burning.””


To date, according to the association’s website, only 58 members—of 17,500 in 98 countries—are Fellows. The fellowship, then, is clearly a high achievement and allows Albert to stand out in the maintenance engineering industry. Such accomplishments allow C&W Services to stand out both in engineering and facilities services in general.

“This grade underscores the credibility of our engineering abilities to provide real energy cost savings to our clients,” he says. “It differentiates C&W Services as a leader in sustainability.”

Continued recognition.

But Albert’s accomplishments don’t stop there. He also received the Canadian Sustainable Energy Practitioner Distinction—Gold grade handed out by the Canadian Institute for Energy Training. It recognizes high achievements made by sustainable-energy leaders in Canada.

Since 2004, Albert has received five distinct certifications in energy management, which supplements his degree in mechanical engineering.

“By having these resources at my disposal, I feel I can perform a superior job for our clients,” he says. “I am regularly looking to add more tools to my toolbox.”

The impact of climate change on facilities services—and everything.

In obtaining this fellowship, Albert hopes it inspires others to educate themselves—C&W Services and clients alike.

“I try to lead by example every year,” he says. “Educating our teams and clients on the value of recapitalizing their infrastructure by leveraging the energy savings from new efficient equipment literally buys their new assets for free.”

Albert can’t stress enough the importance we should all hold in understanding the severity of climate change. It affects all of us worldwide and is something that needs to be top of mind for everyone.

“The most significant problem to resolve in the world, in my opinion, is climate change,” says Albert. “Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases is paramount.”