C&W Services Vice President discussed the importance of critical thinking in developing preventative and predictive maintenance strategies.

On March 9 from 10—10:50 a.m. at the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference & Exposition at the Baltimore Convention Center in the city’s Inner Harbor District, Ken Stack, vice president for C&W Services, presented “Pay Now or Pay Later: Rationalizing the Cost of Maintenance. ”

Ken Stack Presents at NFMT

The backbone of the presentation.

During the presentation, Ken stressed that preventive/predictive maintenance is not a pure science, and facility managers need to think critically on how best to utilize their budgets. The decision boils down to when it’s a good decision to pay up front versus when is it best to pay later when one would repair or replace the maintenance systems. The biggest factor on which is best for that facility manager is the situation at hand, whether that be the impact on the facility, energy use or other factors.

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