Mentoring the next generation of talent.

January is National Mentoring Month, an opportunity to amplify career growth by connecting individuals to improve confidence, develop skills, increase new career exposure, set goals, and gain experience. 

For nearly 10 years, the C&W Services mentor program has offered personalized, one-on-one partnerships to establish corporate, professional, and personal goals. Mentees have access to valuable C&W Services senior leaders who help develop, grow, and navigate life and career opportunities. Mentors learn about their mentees’ ambitions and provide recommendations on how to meet achievable goals. Read on to learn more about the participants and the program’s impact. 

Matthew Deehan, Senior Director of Solutions & Transitions

Mentor for three years

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How do you encourage mentees to reach for stretch assignments or advance in their careers?
Be bold! You have to get noticed and set yourself apart from the crowd.  I tell mentees to try and do something that’s not in their job description and is outside their comfort zone.

Were you a previous mentee?
Yes, early on in my career, while working for Building Technology Engineers. I learned two takeaways:

  1. Perception is reality until you change the perception.
  2. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

What advice would you give to other potential mentors interested in joining the program?
You will be very surprised by how fulfilling it is.  It makes you feel good when you can share all your built-up capital with someone else in the field who wants to learn.

Bill Ayres, Vice President of Strategic Client Relationships

Mentor for eight years

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What’s the best advice you give to mentees?  For mentees to be successful in this program, they’re going to get out of it, what they put in and I urge them to take ownership of their personal and professional success.  

How do you encourage mentees to reach for their next role to advance in their careers? I always try to discuss how mentees can reach their objectives and goals.  When you have the dialogue with your mentees during the first few months, whether personal or professional, it’s important to set achievable goals, and think SMART: 

  • Specific – Make the goals specific for effective planning 
  • Measurable – Define what evidence will prove you’re making progress 
  • Attainable – Can you reasonably accomplish your goals within the designated timeframe 
  • Relevant – Do your goals align with your long-term objectives? 
  • Time-based – Set realistic, ambitious deadlines 

Share your favorite piece of advice for mentees or potential mentees: The program helps position mentees to create dialogue and position their future aspirations for the next growth opportunity.  

Taylor Mah, Facility Supervisor

Mentee for 1 year

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What interested you in joining the program? The opportunity to network, be paired with someone who I could learn from professionally, ask questions, and bounce ideas off as part of my development and growth with C&W Services. 

What have you learned from the program? I have learned so much from the program and my mentor, Bill Ayres, Vice President of Strategic Client Relationships for the West Region. Two of the greatest takeaways I received from Bill are “you will take out of the mentorship program what you put in” and “if you always do what you have always done, you will only ever get what you’ve always got.” Good words to live by.  

What advice would you give to other potential mentees looking to strengthen their C&W Services careers? Participate! There are so many great individuals looking to share wisdom and experience., it brings people together at C&W Services to help the next generation and keep developing its people.  

Share a moment or experience where your mentor gave you career advice. Bill Ayres has been a tremendous soundboard for a slew of projects that I have completed, am currently working on, and have upcoming. We discuss strategies on projects and how to position leadership for my customer.  

Audrey Collins, Account Manager

Mentee for 1 year

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What interested you in joining the program? I wanted to build relationships within our organization in which I can share and learn about knowledge and information.   

What have you learned from the program? I learned that most people are open to aiding me in my professional development.  I just had to build the courage to ask for support and follow-up. 

What advice would you give to other potential mentees looking to strengthen their C&W Services careers?  I would advise any potential mentee to write down their aspirations and start building relationships with various colleagues whom they could potentially help and receive support. Share goals and start practicing what it takes to accomplish them now.  

Share a moment or experience where your mentor gave you career advice. Ask questions, take advantage of meeting various leaders within the company, and write everything down.   

C&W Services takes pride in developing strong partnerships to enhance professional and personal growth. We are very proud of all our past and future mentors and mentees who make an impact. Congratulations to all our Mentor program participants!