Meet Moose.

Kevin has been a team member at a client site in Massachusetts for almost a decade, but all of his coworkers and the faculty and students at the site lovingly refer to him by another name: Moose.

The nickname was given to him at a young age by his father, and it’s a reference to Bill “Moose” Skowron, who played first base for the New York Yankees in the 1950s. But at this client site, no one thinks about baseball when they think of Moose. They think about how he—s, as one of his coworkers described, “the heart and soul of this place.”

AIC students celebrate Moose Appreciation Day at the campus, maintained beautifully by C&W Services.

The college connection.

Moose truly cares about the students at the site. “Moving away to college can be tough,” he says. “A student might not be from the area. They might not know anyone. That’s why I try to talk to them, see how they’re doing.”

In fact, a lot of the work that Moose does is aimed at improving student life on campus. “Every day when I get to campus I check my work orders to see what needs to be done. A lot of what I do is setting up student events. For example, every Tuesday I handle the set up for student government. It’s great. Whatever the students want, I can take care of it for them.”

Moose goes above and beyond for the students at the site, and this past spring they wanted to return the favor, so they held a “Moose Appreciation Day.” This event was a surprise to Moose, though. He was called into the auditorium to do some work and was greeted by about 300 students, all of them wearing shirts that read “Keep Calm and Love Moose.” They had decorated the auditorium with stuffed moose heads, had prepared tubs of moose tracks ice cream, and had invited Moose’s whole family to join in the celebration. “It was very emotional for me,” he says. “I just saw everyone and lost it.”

C&W Services, like Moose, provide reliable, quality facilities management, janitorial, badging, and mailroom work.

Moose says he’s enjoyed his years at the site and looks forward to many more. “I love building these kinds of relationships with the students. I’m there to help them, to make sure they have a great experience, and so it’s always rewarding to see them go on and do great things. Graduation is very emotional for me, but then I get to see all of them again at Homecoming.”

This sense of family is something that C&W Services tries to promote at all of its client sites, as it leads to positive end results. A tight-knit team is more efficient and productive, and a positive working environment has low turnover and attracts new talent.

Moose and C&W Services provide excellent facilities services at a client site and at sites around the country.

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