Meet Sonia

At work—and in life—Sonia’s mantra is to jump into projects and do things she might never have done before, things that can help herself and the client.

“Try to improve yourself every day,” she says. “If you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not improving yourself. You have to step out of that comfort zone regularly and go above and beyond.”

The account manager for a plastics material and resin manufacturing company based in Ohio, Sonia doesn’t appear to be afraid of much, especially coming up with solutions to difficult problems that might involve a bit of convincing for the client. It helps that the client and C&W Services team trust each other implicitly.

“They constantly include us in things and processes,” she says. “We make sure they’re not missing anything.”

Using numbers to fix a problem.

One such process Sonia wanted to communicate to the client was a backlog issue at the facility.

About 12 miles away from the site that Sonia works in is the client’s manufacturing facility. On a daily basis, the C&W Services team loads shuttle trailers full of products that need to be shipped. Each day, about 11 to 14 trailers travel between the two sites. All that traffic created backup, causing a drop in productivity.

Sonia took it upon herself to gather data to highlight the problem. She used the data to make a case and present a solution, which she then brought to the customer.

The solution was to add an extra material handler who could improve the speed of unloading the trailers and an extra driver. Adding these extra employees solved the problem, alleviating stress and the backlog problem at the site.

With the fix, Sonia improved productivity and material availability. Now, they’re able to quickly have more inventory available, delivering a higher level of service to their customer.

“It’s a really good feeling when the customer is happy. It’s a feeling of accomplishment,” she says. “It’s a weight that’s been lifted off of your shoulders.”

The project wouldn’t have been possible without the strong relationship between the C&W Services staff and the client.

“We have a great customer,” she says. “They really do think of us as part of a team not as contractors.”

Second nature.

Leading such projects is a part of Sonia’s personality. Facing challenges head on—especially those that force her to do something she hasn’t done before—is something Sonia thrives on.

“Don’t be afraid of anything,” she says. “If you’re living in fear and constantly waiting for the right moment or thing, don’t do that. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.”

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