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The goal of C&W Services is to provide innovative self-performed services to a diverse portfolio of clients and market segments. We are at the forefront of efficiency when it comes to delivering maintenance, critical environments, janitorial, grounds and landscaping, office and mailroom, and moving services.

At a client site in Arizona, we also handle fluid management as part of our maintenance commitment. Below we’ve compiled the top three mantras that that Arizona-based team follow to keep their site efficient, productive, and safe.

1. Maximize Your Time to Minimize Interruptions
This mantra is all about taking that little extra bit of time before starting a task to make sure that it can be done quickly, safely, and without unnecessary interruption. At this client site that includes:

  • Having all the proper paperwork and safety documents on hand.
  • Making sure there are enough oil and coolant products to complete the task.
  • Checking that the vacuums and coolant sprayers are in good working condition.
  • Confirming that all containers are properly labeled.
  • Moving all of the necessary equipment and supplies over to the machine or piece of equipment that is being serviced.
  • Setting up the proper safety precautions. This includes caution signs and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), which shut off an electrical power circuit when it begins to travel along an unintended path. Additionally, the team uses Lockout (LOTO) devices that hold circuits, valves, electrical cords, and switches in one position, preventing the unexpected starting of machinery or the uncontrolled releases of energy.

C&W Service has a team of subject matter experts that can help with all of your maintenance issues.

2. Listen & Hear
The second mantra is focused on creating a culture of communication and teamwork at the site. The tasks associated with “Listen & Hear” include:

  • Following instructions.
  • Communicating with your partner.
  • Carrying out proper job safety analysis (JSA) and validating all relevant paperwork.
  • Clearly communicating intentions to a machine operator before beginning work on that machine. The machine operator needs to know exactly what tasks will be performed and how long they are expected to take.

3. Leave It Better Than You Found It
This final mantra is aimed at making sure that the client site is safe, secure, and organized at all times. Following this mantra includes tasks like:

  • Restocking supplies and products.
  • Cleaning up equipment and wiping off hand tools.
  • Disposing of used oil and water.
  • Checking for and then removing any finger or handprints.
  • Putting things like tool boxes, chairs, electronic equipment, fans, and floor mats back in their proper areas.
  • Mopping up an area and pressuring washing the floor mats.

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Creating a culture of safety.

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