Ever since its founding as a private business college nearly 150 years ago, Rider University has consistently thrived as a home for students seeking a timely, thorough curriculum and an environment to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

A C&W Services employee helps plant landscape the Rider campus.


C&W Services was tasked with creating programs that would achieve substantial savings across both of Rider’s campuses while also maintaining an excellent level of campus cleaning service quality.


C&W Services’ subject matter experts analyzed Rider’s campus cleaning needs across both campuses, during peak semester usage, and through low occupancy periods to create effective solutions by implementing equipment upgrades, using flooring innovations, driving staff engagement and development, and providing resources to support special projects.


  • Equipped and trained staff with efficient equipment to drive productivity. We also improved efficiency by reevaluating task frequency and retraining and restructuring the staff.
  • We proactively offered skills training for long-term development which has positively impacted turnover and productivity.
  • We delivered annual cost savings of $500,000 vs. the original baseline period.


  • Location: Lawrenceville and Princeton, New Jersey

  • Size: 1.5 million square feet, which includes 57 buildings and 5,150 students

  • Team: 50 C&W Services Employees

  • Services: Janitorial