Founded in 1881, this major public research university is ranked among the top 25 public universities in the U.S. The 4,109-acre campus is home to 19,000 undergraduates, as well as 8,000 graduate students, and is engineered to help students learn and create new knowledge alongside their professors and peers.

Facilities services and janitorial at a major college


In recent years, capital projects had expanded the number of campus buildings and added significant square footage to the university’s campus. Therefore, the ability to scale campus cleaning capacity in an efficient manner while maintaining high-quality services levels was needed. Winter months also required seasonal staffing increases to support snow removal on campus.


In order to accommodate this strong campus growth and larger scope of work, C&W Services recruited and trained new staff members. The right management structure and local temporary service partnerships were created to expand coverage while maintaining high-quality scores and value to the university.


  • A revised management structure has enabled C&W Services to expand the service scope greatly since the inception of the contract.
  • To effectively handle snow removal, we partnered with a local contractor to add 15 additional FTE to flex with weather forecast conditions.
  • Our quality inspection audit scores consistently exceed our minimum performance target of 80%.


  • Location: Storrs, Connecticut

  • Size: Two million square feet, which includes 75 buildings and 32,000 students.

  • Team: 93 C&W Services Employees

  • Services: Janitorial, including snow removal