Our client, a major Global Biopharma Manufacturer, is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Founded in 1885 and headquartered in Germany, the company researches, develops, manufactures and markets new medications of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine. C&W Services oversees the clients’ facilities maintenance in California, Missouri, Connecticut and Ohio.

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The Global Biopharma Manufacturer’s Research and Development (R&D) campus, located in Ridgefield, Connecticut, consists of five buildings across 250 acres and includes office space, laboratories and a childcare facility. With such a large campus, overnight deliveries historically posed issues for the scientists expecting pertinent research and study materials. Often, when packages would arrive, the shipping label was incorrectly addressed, delaying delivery and further prolonging their research. This issue was further exacerbated when standard operating procedures governing items, such as packages containing radioactive materials, arrived at the incorrect address.


C&W Services discovered the default address in the client’s ordering system was set to “Building A.” For deliveries to arrive at the appropriate building, end-users were required to change the address when placing an order, which frequently did not occur.
C&W Services saw this as an opportunity to address this challenge as well as streamline the client’s entire receiving operation. A formal proposal was developed proposing a centralized receiving dock located within the R&D building (“Building A”). This solution directed receipt of all shipments to one location, allowing C&W Services staff to efficiently receive and distribute packages to the appropriate destination.


  • Once the client approved the proposal, it took C&W Services less than one month to implement the solution, which led to an immediate improvement in package delivery.
  • Since implementation in June 2019, there have been zero deviations in package delivery, as well as improved delivery time by 72 minutes on average.
  • Most importantly, scientists at the site now receive materials in a timely manner to conduct their research, resulting in an estimated $480,000 in savings to the client annually.


Learn more about how we helped this client with a new  procurement method that allows for quick turnaround times and helps secure the correct pricing, quality, and delivery. We also oversaw a reorganization of the MRO warehouse to a GMP compliant standard, and maintain proper spare part inventory levels in the MRO warehouse to ensure that there are no delays or interruptions to production.


  • Location: Ridgefield, Connecticut

  • Size: 1.6 million square feet

  • Team: 95 C&W Services Employees

  • Services: Maintenance; Controlled Environments; Janitorial; Office Services